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We made it for you.

Bliss Biologics started within a medical clinic in Washington state at the beginning of the CBD movement. The clinic had a commitment to their patients to only sell legitimate products that got inarguable results and were free of toxins, mold and fillers.

Bliss Biologics was born from that commitment.
All products are clinic tested and approved by licensed doctors.

Our Brand Promise: You are our top priority.

Your Health

Getting and staying healthy is best achieved when it's inviting and simple without negative side effects. 

Your Happiness

Our goal is a smile on your face and bring you to Bliss.  From fast and noticeable results to taste, smell, touch and presentation, it's the Path & Destination of Bliss that matters.

Your Trust

It is our job to source the highest quality ingredients at the most reasonable prices, lab test for accuracy and safety, stay on top of the research, clinically test formulations to make sure they work great and provide you with a Blissful experience.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

Doctor's Bliss

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When I feel like a migraine is about to be coming on I take Doctor's Bliss and it stops it in its tracks!  This is life changing relief from a haunting that goes back over 20 years.

Paul M., WA

The stress of my job and life drove me to a level of irritability I couldn't shake.  I credit Bliss Biologics products with the reaction people have had to me recently.  They've been asking "What are you taking? I want some!"

Deborah S., NC

I depend on Bliss Biologics to help me walk without suffering.

Susan A., MA

What is CBD and why is our CBD oil so special?

Why is our CBD safe for kids, elderly, military, government employees, pilots and pets?

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The picture to the right is the first bottle of single-farm, American-grown, broad-spectrum, organic, THC-free, pestice-free, heavy-metal-free, mold-free, and solvent-free CBD oil we purchased for $20,000!  You are worth the investment.

Organic CBD Oil