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About Us

We are committed to three things.

Your Healthy Bliss    Your Happy Bliss    Your Blissful Trust

Your health, happiness and trust.

Bliss Biologics formulas were formulated and clinically tested within medical clinics specializing in nervous system down-regulation, systemic pain reduction and reducing inflammation.

The Bliss Biologics line is in use daily by naturopathic doctors, bodywork practitioners, staff families and customers all over the United States.  The results have been so Blissful on they every level that we are excited to share these clinically potent and spa-enjoyable products with you.

All of the hemp extract used in our products is:

  • organically farmed
  • full-spectrum less THC (super critical CO2 extracted)
  • fully activated
  • third party lab tested
  • free of THC, mold, heavy metals, solvents and pesticides
  • non-psychoactive
  • non-habit forming
  • non-intoxicating
  • drug-test compliant

Bliss Biologics products are safe for children, the elderly and pets.