20% off all monthly subscriptions & Free Shipping on orders over $150*


Body Bliss of 20% off for the month of August! Enter TRAVEL 2021 at checkout to receive your discount. 

Make every day a special day of Bliss.  We are offering you the ability to set up monthly auto-ship for 20% off every shipment!

As well, free Bliss shipping is available on all orders over $150, except Body Bliss. 

Why does Body Bliss require express shipping on ice?  Body Bliss is a professional grade massage butter.  The formulation of Body Bliss took a decade of over 25 body work practitioners to develop.  It is 100% uncompromised oil with an absolute minimum of organic beeswax to help lower the melting point for shipping.  It's formulated to melt quickly on the skin while maximizing CBD absorb-ability.  So, it must be shipped priority express with an ice pack.